Special-Fit Cases

Our standard cases are designed to fit the vast majority of horns on the market. However, there are three categories of instruments which sometimes require special accommodation:

1) Detachable-bell horns with Yamaha rings. Yamaha uses a smaller ring than other manufacturers, with the result that the cut is made further up the bell, and the detached flare is taller.

2) Engelbert Schmid horns with an "extra-wide" bell flare. These flares are likewise cut further up the bell, and so taller than standard. Please note that Engelbert Schmid horns with "shallow", "medium" and "wide" flares fit our standard case perfectly.

3) Triple horns, other than those from Alexander (Alexander triples can be accommodated appropriately in our standard cases)

Horns in all of these categories normally fit in our fixed-bell horn cases without any problem, but can be difficult to appropriately fit into the standard detachable-bell case. Therefore, in order to better accommodate these horns, we have developed a special-fit version (model CHUT) of the new ultraflat case. This case affords slightly more height for both the bell flare (to accommmodate the Yamaha bells) and the body of the horn (to allow for the extra thickness of triple horns) while still remaining an extraordinarily slim case overall.

This special-fit case is normally available in black only, except by special order.

If you have any questions regarding the most appropriate case for your horn, please feel free to contact us by email at salompcom. Also, please bear in mind that any of our cases can be returned in new condition within fourteen days of receipt for refund of the purchase price less the actual outbound shipping cost and any bank fees, and we are always willing to make any exchanges required to assure that you have the most appropriate case for your instrument.

 Ultra-flat case for detachable-bell horn, with extra bell height, black