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Hill, Douglas   Collected Thoughts on Teaching and Learning, Creativity and Horn Performance   Softcover
Hill, Douglas   Extended Techniques for the Horn
A Practical Handbook for Students, Performers, and Composers

Includes CD recording

New 2010 edition, spiral-bound
Hill, Douglas   High Range for the Horn Player   Horn
Hill, Douglas   Elegy for Horn Alone   Horn
Hill, Douglas   Jazz Soliloquies for Horn   Horn
Hill, Douglas   Low Range for the Horn Player   Horn
Hindemith, Paul   Sonata (1939)   Horn and Piano
Hoeltzel, Michael   Horn-Schule (Horn School), vol. 1   Horn
in German
Hoeltzel, Michael   Horn-Schule (Horn School), vol. 2   Horn
In German
Hoffmann, Melchior   Concerto ex Dis for Horn (Lund 2)   Horn and Piano
Jacob, Gordon   Concerto for Horn and Strings   Horn & Piano
Jeppesen, Knud   La Primavera   Flute, Horn, and Piano (Score and Parts)
Jones, Mason, editor   Solos for the Horn Player
Jones, Mason, editor   First Solos for the Horn Player
Kaslow, David M.   Living Dangerously with the Horn: Thoughts on Life and Art
Kaslow, David M.   With Aspirations High: Discussions and Exercises for Musicians
Kinyon, John   Breeze-Easy Method, Book 1   Horn
A popular and effective (if unfortunately titled) beginning method.
Koechlin, Charles   Quatre Petites Pieces   Violin, Horn, and Piano (Set of Parts)
Kopprasch, C  Edition: Michelle Stebleton, ed.  Sixty Selected Studies for French Horn, Book 1, with CD   Horn
Edited and with performances by Michelle Stebleton. CD included
Larsson, Lars-Erik   Concertino, op. 45, no. 5   Horn and Orchestra, Full Orchestral Score
Larsson, Lars-Erik   Concertino, op. 45, no. 5   Horn and Piano
Little, Lowell   The Embouchure Builder, Horn
Maslanka, David   Sonata   Horn and Piano
Maxwell Davies, Peter   Horn Concerto   Horn & Piano
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus   Four Horn Concertos and Concert Rondo   Horn and Piano
We generally recommend the more authentic Bärenreiter urtext edition of the Mozart concerti (available here), even for young players first starting on this repertoire. However, for pure economy this classic Schirmer collection with all of the completed works in one volume is hard to beat.


Concert Rondo in E Flat Major (K. 371)
Concerto No. 1 in D Major (K. 412)
Concerto No. 2 in E Flat Major (K. 417)
Concerto No. 3 in E Flat Major (K. 447)
Concerto No. 4 in E Flat Major (K. 495)
Nishimura   Sonata, Horn Solo
Pilss, Karl   Tre Pezzi in Forma di Sonata, no. 1: Sinfonia   Horn and Piano
Pilss, Karl   Tre Pezzi in Forma di Sonata, no. 2: Intermezzo   Horn and Piano
Pilss, Karl   Tre Pezzi in Forma di Sonata, no. 3: Rondo alle Caccia   Horn and Piano
Pirchner, Werner   Feld-, Wald-, und Wiesen-Soli, Horn   Horn

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