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 Thompson Embouchure Visualizer   Silver Plated
This important pedagogical tool allows the hornist or the teacher to view the shape of the aperture and the functioning of the embouchure within the mouthpiece rim. Significantly, the rim on the visualizer is identical to the rim on the T-series mouthpieces, so the results seen are not influenced by a change of rim contour.

Thompson, David B.   Daily Warm-up and Workout   Horn
A collection of exercises prepared by the solo hornist of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, ranging from the most basic to the highly virtuosic. Designed as a point of departure for those who may not have a regular warm-up routine already established, and as a resource for those who wish to move beyond simple maintenance during their warm-up session. Text in English and Spanish.

Thompson, David B.   The Orchestral Audition Repertoire for Horn: Comprehensive and Unabridged
This is the ‘repertoire tome’ you have heard about: we present in one huge volume (over 1000 pages) virtually the entire orchestra audition repertoire for both high and low horn, reprinted from the original orchestra parts. The original parts have not been excerpted, cut, edited or otherwise adulterated, and we include many hard-to-find gems, such as the "Long Call" from Siegfried, in context. And we package them in a quality D-ring binder, so that you can remove and carry only those parts needed for a specific audition, lesson, practice session, etc.. This popular collection is a must for any hornist seriously preparing for an orchestral career, and it has become a required text at many institutions. Click here to see a complete list of the contents of this edition, or here to read the introduction.

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