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 Case for detachable-bell horn, black
 Case for fixed-bell horn, black
 Horn mute case, black
 Horn mute case, burgundy
 Horn mute case, marine blue
 Horn mute case, pewter gray
 Thompson T-Series Mouthpiece Rim   Silver Plated
Rim inside diameter: 16.8 mm, Rim outside diameter: 24.3 mm
 Thompson T2 Mouthpiece Cup   Silver Plated
Cup depth: 25.2 mm, Bore: 4.8 mm
 Thompson T2 Mouthpiece Cup   Gold Plated
Cup depth: 25.2 mm, Bore: 4.8 mm
 Thompson Embouchure Visualizer   Silver Plated
This important pedagogical tool allows the hornist or the teacher to view the shape of the aperture and the functioning of the embouchure within the mouthpiece rim. Significantly, the rim on the visualizer is identical to the rim on the T-series mouthpieces, so the results seen are not influenced by a change of rim contour.
 Thompson Edition / Romera Horn Stop Mute
This handsome, meticulously crafted mute is designed with a relatively large bell and open throat, providing exceptional projection and focus in the mid-low and low registers. An invaluable resource for low horn players. In yellow brass with striking matte finish and an easily adjustable leather hanging strap.
 Compact rectangular flight case for detachable-bell horn, matte black
 Yamaha Brass Mouthpiece Brush
Plog, Anthony   Nocturne   trumpet & piano
A version for trumpet & organ is available for the same price as TP57d. It is also available for trumpet and strings as TP57b (score & solo part)and TP57c (Parts). Ask about prices
Alexander   Mouthpiece Pressure Training Device   Horn
This clever device from Gebr. Alexander in Mainz is an important tool which assists the player in retraining themselves to perform without the common vice of excessive mouthpiece pressure. The adjustable adapter fits between the mouthpiece and the leadpipe and allows air to escape as a warning when the player attempts to exceed the desired maximum pressure. A must for every teaching studio, and any student who fights the constant temptation to resort to mouthpiece pressure as an element in their playing.

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