Rental Information

We now handle all publications from the Kalmus catalog on a sale basis only. Select band and orchestra works from the Thompson Edition catalog are provided on a rental basis, and we try to keep the rental process quite simple, painless, and inexpensive.

For pricing information, simply match the Price Code indicated for each work with the chart given below. The basic rental fee covers use of the standard set of score and parts for four weeks; extra rental time may be requested if needed. All sets include a full score and solo part(s) where applicable. For band, the basic sets are designed for a medium-sized ensemble. Thus, each set would typically include a total of 4 flute parts, 8 or 9 Bb clarinet parts, 5 or 6 trumpet/cornet parts, 2 baritone parts, 2 tuba parts, and one each of all the other parts. Additional parts may be rented if needed. For orchestra, the basic rental set consists of one of each wind and percussion part and strings 6-6-5-4-3.

To arrange a rental, simply email, fax, call, or write us with the following information: 1) name and type of performing organization (university, high school, military, professional, community, etc.); 2) which work(s) you wish to rent; 3) how many performances are scheduled and on what dates and locations; 4) the starting date that materials will be needed; and 5) how many extra scores and parts, if any, you will require. Normally, we can accommodate requests with little or no advance notice, but it is always preferable to make contact early.

Study scores may be purchased for most works in the rental library.

Rental Pricing Chart

Code LetterBasic Rental Fee Extra Week Extra Score Extra Part