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Bach, J.S; arr. Thompson   Vivace, from Concerto in D Minor for 2 Violins   Two Horns
A challenging yet playable transcription of the ever-popular first movement of Bach's "double" violin concerto, this may be played with the original string orchestra/harpsichord accompaniment, but works perfectly well with only the two solo parts.
Mozart, W.A.   Twelve Duets, K. 487 (Modern Printing)   Two Horns
For those who appreciate historical accuracy but would rather not cope with an eighteenth-century printing, we present a modern engraving in score format with all dynamics and articulations adhering strictly to the first edition.
Mozart, W.A.   Twelve Pieces, K. 487 (Facsimile)   Two Horns
This reprint in the original partbook form makes available to hornists the first edition of Mozart's duets, as published in Vienna in 1802.
Mr. Charles   Twelve Duettos (Facsimile)   Two Horns
A collection of unusual duets by the mysterious baroque hornist "Mr. Charles", reprinted from "Apollo's Cabinet or the Muses Delight". This collection of lively chases, gigues, and menuets should be in every hornist's duet library.
Mr. Charles   Twelve Duettos (Modern Printing)   Two Horns
For its unique character, visually as well as musically, we prefer the facsimile edition listed above. However, since it dates from a time when modern notational practices were not yet fully codified, there are some idiosyncrasies. Therefore, we also have available this neat modern engraving, musically identical to the reprint.
Rosetti, F. A.   Concerto no. 18 in Eb   Two Solo Horn Parts (only)
These parts may be used with John Anderson's transcription of the work for symphonic band (item DC13), or with any piano reduction of the work in the original key.
Barboteu, Georges   Quatre Duos (Four Duos)   Two Horns
Dauprat, Louis-François   Six Duos, op. 13   Two Horns
Kenn, J. J.   Thirty Duets for Horns
Los Angeles Horn Club   Sixty Selected Duets   Two Horns
Schaub, Heinz   Kleine Suiten - Petites Suites - Small Suites   Two Horns
Anonymous  Edition: Tarr  Moravian Brass Duet Book Vol. 1   Two Trumpets or Two Horns
Anonymous  Edition: Tarr  Moravian Brass Duet Book Vol. 2   Two Trumpets or Two Horns
Leye, Ludwig   Suite, Two Horns and Bassoon   Two Horns and Bassoon
Brahms, Johannes  Edition: Breitkopf Urtext  Vier Gesänge (Four Songs), op. 17   Two Horns, Harp, and Women's Chorus
Clearfield, Andrea   Into the Falcon's Eye   Two Horns and Piano
Emmert, Adam Joseph   Trio, Two Horns and Bassoon
Schuller, Gunther   Duets for Unaccompanied Horns   Two Horns

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