Quinze Versets, Op. 18
Dupre, Marcel
Item K-M2510
1. Antiphon I: While the King Sitteth at This Table, Op. 18/1
2. Antiphon II: His Left Hand is under My Head, Op. 18/2
3. Antiphon III: I Am Black But Comely, Op. 18/3
4. Antiphon IV: Lo, the Winter is Past, Op. 18/4
5. Antiphon V: How Fair and Pleasant Art Thou, Op. 18/5
6. Ave Maris Stella I: When the Salutation Gabriel had Spoken, Op. 18/6
7. Ave Maris Stella II: Jesus' Tender Mother, Make Thy Supplication, Op. 18/7
8. Ave Maris Stella III: So Now as We Journey, Op. 18/8
9. Ave Maris Stella IV: Amen (Finale), Op. 18/9
10. Magnificat I: My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord, Op. 18/10
11. Magnificat II: For Behold, from Henceforth All Generations, Op. 18/11
12. Magnificat III: And His Mercy is on Them, Op. 18/12
13. Magnificat IV: He Hath Put Down the Mighty, Op. 18/13
14. Magnificat V: He, Remembering His Mercy Helpeth His Servant, Op. 18/14
15. Magnificat VI: Gloria (Finale), Op. 18/15